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Sri Venkateshwara (Balaji), Tirupati

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The Sri Venkateswara temple, also known as Tirupati Balaji temple, is the most ancient and sacred temple which is the second most visited pilgrimage destination after Vatican and is located on the 7th peak of the Venkatachala (Venkata Hill) of the Tirupati hill in the Chittor District of Andhra Pradesh. 

Lord Venkateswara or Balaji is an incarnation of Supreme Vishnu.

Venkateswara, meaning "the Lord who destroys the sins of the people, is a form of Hindu deity which took birth out of the love of his devotees and appeared for the salvation and upliftment of humanity in this Kali Yuga age.

Now, you can get the famous Ladu or Ladoo prasad from Shri Tirupati Balaji Temple.
It is very simple. You can book the Tirupati prasadam online on Online Prasad - and we would get the prasad on your behalf. We would then courier the prasadam to your home.
Please note that we can only have limited Tirupati online booking facility per day and it'll be on first come first serve basis. Hurry! We will send you TWO laddu from Tirupati Tirumala temple. These are the world famous sevari laddus that are made only in Tirupati temple.
Book your offerings right away and seek blessings from Lord Venkateshwara Tirupati Balaji!
  1. There is a waiting time of at least 1 week for the Prasadam; so you should make the online booking of the prasadam accordingly
  2. By making this offering, you are authorizing us to buy the laddu Prasadam from the temple on your behalf
  3. For Tirupati Darshan and TTD room bookings you have to visit TTD official website check, please  contact us for further information
The price of $51 will be used to buy and offer Prasad at the temple. And, to cover all miscellaneous costs such as -
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  • Payment collection, and
  • Government taxes
Please feel free to give us a missed call at 09933421341 for any questions.